coBuilder - History

coBuilder AS was established in 1997, and their first product was “Architects Product Register” published on a CD-ROM. Based on the work of a group of architects (Niels Torp, Narud Stokke Wiig, Arkiforum og Lysaker Mølle), we built up a product database for NS 3451 for all categories of products used on construction sites. The purpose was to provide architects with an overview of who submitted documents. Also the ability to order brochures, product data sheets, and installation instructions directly from the suppliers.
In 2000 the system was made available on the Internet, and users of the system quickly grew to include user groups like contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians, consultants, local councils and consumers.
In 2001 an agreement was signed between coBuilder AS and BNL/TELFO (now Norsk Teknologi) on the development of an industry based system. Which would meet the requirements faced in connection with the use of chemicals in the workplace. This was the start of BASS - Industry associations Substance System.
In 2006 "BAR - Brochure Archive for the building industry" was launched. This was a development undertaken in collaboration with the projects planing companies COWI, Multi Consult, DARK, Hille Melbye, Narud Stokke Wiig, LINK signatur and A38 arkitekter. This solution is now being replaced by a new service from coBuilder.

About ProductXchange

ProductXchange is designed to solve challenges, for the handling and collection of documentation for chemical products in Norway and Europe. The aim of ProductXchange is to offer the European construction industry a customized, affordable, user-friendly electronic information system for chemical products and information. ProductXchange will facilitate chemical risk assessment, chemical communication up and down the supply chain. and the handling of chemicals. See our brochure. here


The ProductXchange project was established on the basis of the existing BASS system. EBA-“The Norwegian Contractors Association” has been a driving force in Norway together with:
> Norwegian Technology (Norsk Teknologi)
> Association of Painting Contractors (MLF - “Maler- og byggetapetsermestrenes Landsforbund”)
> Norwegian Association of Plumbing (NRL – Norske Rørleggeres Landsforening)
> Norwegian Construction Gardeners (NAML -Norske Anleggsgartnere – Miljø og landskapsentreprenører)
> Ventilation and Tinsmith Firms (VBL - Ventilasjons- og Blikkenslagbedriftenes Landsforbund)
> Roofing Contractors Association (TEF – Takentreprenørenes Forening)
> Norwegian automotive Association (NBF - Norges Bilbransjeforbund)

EBA has been the coordinator for the development of ProductXchange since 2009.

coBuilder is looking forward to a very exciting time where we finally have a complete system that can handle chemical, and the documentation of "permanent products".

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